Monday, August 06, 2007

The Transformation of Grace

I'd like to introduce you to one of my students (5 yr old class), Acsa* Fernanda who turned 5 a couple weeks ago. Acsa is not exactly what you would call a girly girl. She often wears unmatched clothing and her hair looks like it needs to be washed or brushed at least. She has a pretty strong personality as well (one of the many strong leader type girls in my 5 year old class) and the unfortunate habit of not getting to the bathroom in time (which really is the after affects difficult family situations).

I had the opportunity to be invited to Acsa's birthday party a couple weekends ago. When I and Wendy (the other kindergarten teacher- and the sister of Urias*) showed up at the restaurant where the party was held we found an Acsa TRANSFORMED. She was beautifully dressed in a pink frilly dress (with matching purse mind you) and her hair was nicely done. Her demeanor was different as well. Sure she still had that strong personality but in that moment she was a princess. She graciously greeted her guests and pranced all over in her pink frillyness - a child who knew that all the attention was focused on her and who became alive because of it. She was delightful and you couldn't help but be delighted in her!

How could the disheveled little girl with a difficult history be so transformed? It was the attention that was given her -- she was treated like a princess and she became one. I saw in that little girl transformed a picture of myself with Christ. He took me in the degradation and filthiness of sin and transformed me into a princess. He wipes away past hurts and pains and he brings joy and delight in our lives. It's not a self-centered sort of focus (which was more of I'm sure what Acsa was experiencing) but it's a joy because the king has turned his eyes to us and declared: "You are mine! You are my princess!"

The knowledge of the king's focus and declaration is really what turns us into princes/princesses. He chooses to delight himself in us and what a delight to be called his princess! We don't need a cake, a party and the everyone's attention in order to be transformed. We just need the transforming gaze of Grace from the eyes of a King who delights in us.

The following Monday, Acsa was back to her normal disheveled self but there was something that lingered when I looked at her. Perhaps it was the gaze of grace that looked at her beyond what she was in that moment but to how Jesus saw her. I know that He is the one able to truly heal her heart and make her to be his beautiful princess. Amen! Let it be Lord Jesus, let it be.

*Side Note: Acsa/Acsah is an uncommon name from the Bible. She was the daughter of Caleb and her story is found in Joshua 15. I also have a friend here with another uncommon Biblical name - Urias/Uriah. Now that man had the unfortunate fate to be married to a woman that like to take baths in view of the palace roof.

Alisson, Wendy and Acsa celebrating their birthdays at the school with the signature balloon birthday hat!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Carrie, your words of truth bring tears to my eyes as this daughter of the King needs to really receive this message. This my first time on anyone's blog so it's a very new experience. I thank our Lord that He brought me to this very place with you this morning. You are a beautiful gem in my life and I am so very thankful God has shared you and all your experiences with me. I love hearing how He is leading, teaching, and loving you.
Love you,
Melanie V