Monday, August 20, 2007

Vacation Photos: FINALLY!!

Hey everybody! I know I have no excuse for the delay but my vacation photos are finally up and available for viewing! Just click on the title of this entry or copy and paste the address below in your web browser.

Take a look and feel free to make comments. My vacation was from July 28th - August 5 and I was in Ica for a week and in Arequipa for three days with two fellow PROMESA teachers, Luz & Ruth. We saw many beautiful sights and enjoyed the fellowship of a 6 year old and her family in Ica. I'm so thankful that I was able to see these things before the earthquake devasted the coast of Peru last week. I hope that you enjoy these photos!! This really was a great vacation - the perfect combination of rest, recreation and journey.

I think all vacations should be some sort of journey where God teaches you something. On this trip the two biggest themes were that God is Creator and Ancient of Days (see post below) and my need for dependence on Him. I had a wonderful conversation with Ruth's cousin in Arequipa that really helped to break down pride in my heart and put my focus once again where it needs to be in regards to teaching.

Yes, it was a beautiful way to spend nine days! Thank you God for that blessing.

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