Sunday, August 19, 2007

Anciano de Dias/Ancient of Days

By now you've heard that the quake that sent only slight tremours to Cusco has devasted several coastal towns south of Lima. The city that I went to visit on vacation, Ica has been without electricity and water for days and the doctor (and family) that I stayed with I'm sure is very busy in an overcrowded hospital/clinic. I guess I should be grateful that Cusco was not touched. I should be grateful that I missed being in the quake zone by two weeks. I should be grateful that this powerful earthquake did not take as many lives as did previous quakes in India which claimed thousands and thousands of lives.

Regardless, I'm sad...

I'm sad for the vineyard owners that we went to visit in Ica whose granddaughter gave us a tour on her birthday and whose home was made of adobe.

I'm sad for the little Assemblies of God church that we visited -- how many of those people have lost their homes or even friends or family members?

I'm sad for the magnificant church downtown which was a work of art (especially all light up at night) but now is rubble.

I'm sad for that gorgeous rock formation in Paracas National Park that now longer exists.

I'm sad for all the residents of Ica who instead of worrying about standing in line to buy their favorite cookies at Velazco now have to wait in line for water or food.

I'm sad that so many of the sights that I saw will no longer be enjoyed by future visitors.

When we took our boat trip out to the Islas Ballestas and looked at all the wonderful rock formations, I couldn't help but think about my God - the Ancient of Days, the great Creator. When we snapped tons of pictures in front of the Cathedral rock formation and the gorgeous Pacific Ocean, I had a song of praise running through my heart for all that God had made. As I thought about ancient mysteries of ancient grafitti (like the Nazca lines), I realized that my God was the ANCIENT of DAYS. He's the One that was before all and created all. People may marvel at rock formations and mysterious mile long grafitti but God knows all mysteries and was before them all!

As I think about the aftermath of the earthquake and how many things were destroyed, my faith is not shaken in my Lord. He truly is greater than all and is SomeOne that CANNOT BE SHAKEN! What an encouragement to know that my Lord and God is the Ancient of Days and that He will always be. If great, seemingly immobile objects can be broken and changed, whom or what can I possibly trust in but the Creator of All, the unCreated One who has always existed and will always be? AMEN!

Our guide who graciously gave us a tour of her family's vineyard on her birthday. (Ica, Peru)

A beautiful church in Ica that now longer stands.

The Catedral, Paracas National Park

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