Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Home to Call my Own!

Hey friends! Here's another "sad pictureless post" (sounds like something Suzanne would say). Well, I guess the last post was all about photos so it doesn't really matter that I'm not posting any pics. Oh, why am I continuing to write when I'm just blabbering??!!

Anywhoo the purpose of my post is to announce: I FINALLY HAVE A CHURCH HOME!!!!! wooohooo!! I've been waiting since January to find out this information and I must say that I've been feeling a bit impatient in the process. I guess always before the missionaries have been given 3 months freedom before being assigned to one of the Mennonite churches here. Considering that there are only 3 churches and only one is in the city, I've been visiting the Cusco (ie San Jeronimo) church the most. But I was never sure of my place, never sure if I should be at council meetings or could get involved. I was waiting for the pastor to tell me: "this or this church will be your home."

So three months passed and I was still waiting. I asked the other missionaries how long I should wait and they said: "just wait and enjoy your freedom." I tried to enjoy it but after 4 months, I was tired of not being involved. After all, it had been since the previous summer that I was really involved in my church back home. Some theories were that the pastor was waiting until the other missionaries got back from furlough. I wondered if I should do anything at all or if I would be left in la-la land forever!

Well, tonight I got my answer in a round-a-bout sort of way. There is a council meeting tomorrow at the San Jeronimo church and my roommate asked the guy who called if I was supposed to be there or not. Well, he called the pastor about some other stuff and asked that question. The answer: "Of course she needs to be there, she's a member of the San Jeronimo church."

There you go... I wonder how long I've actually belonged and didn't know it?

I'm not sure that I'm fond of the way I had to find out this information but I'm just so glad to have it settled. So glad to be able to settle into a place and start to get involved. My very first responsibility as a member of the San Jeronimo church will most likely be: washing lettuce! Well, I'm on the lettuce washing committee (yes, it's a Mennonite church) for our big fundraiser next week (we're having a Chicken BBQ and bazaar). Other things that I'm looking forward to doing in San Jeronimo are helping to design the decorations for the sanctuary, visiting a childrens' cell group (and getting involved or starting one myself in the future), helping with the kids' ministry in general and maybe when the Lord wills, starting a dance ministry. Yay! there's so much to look forward to! Can't wait to see what God's got planned at my new home church!!

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Bekah said...

Yay for a church home! I'm so glad you can finally get involved again! Have fun washing lettuce my friend! Love you.