Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Shake it Up Baby!

Well, tonight I was calmly sitting at my computer when I started to feel a little dizzy. Wait? Was I dizzy or was the room actually moving? Dawn came in my room to tell me that it must just be the wind moving my curtains but then she saw my door moving and felt the floor. Then she believed me!! It went on for a few minutes and it kinda felt like we were in a boat. We heard someone calling our names so we went outside to find all sorts of people standing in the street. Our landlady and her empleada were out in the back yard calling us to come down! :0)

Yes, I experienced my first tremour! The funny thing is that at our team meeting this afternoon we were talking about the construction methods here and how if there were an earthquake that we would just have to run out of the buildings for safety sake. We also talked about how often a big earthquake hits and John said: "oh about every 25 years or so" My question was: "When was the last big earthquake?" "Well, 1986...hmmm...well then we're just about due one!"


Thankfully it was just a tremour! I think I still feel dizzy though...


I just found out that there was a 7.5 earthquake in Lima. It was out in the Pacific and very deep but it shook up Lima. Thankfully, it seems that the buildings are still standing and that there weren't any casualties. Isn't it crazy that we could feel it all the way over here inland in Cusco?? whew... right now the coast is on alert in case of tsunami, etc.

well Peru was due an earthquake today I guess! I'm just thankful that it wasn't worse!


Anonymous said...

When I saw the earthquake on the news I immediately pulled up a map of Peru to see how close Lima is to Cusco. Thankfully you didn't feel more than a "tremor", as I am sure you've heard by now that the casualties are in the hundreds. Thankful you were far away from that!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're okay Carrie! They said this morning that there is 337 dead, and last night they believed a tsunami had been generated.

Hey, how about a prayer letter e-mail/update thingamajig! Long time, no hear. What needs praying for?

rich lindberg

Anonymous said...

Were glad you're ok. Just thinking about you and checking up on you.

You partners,

Keystone Community Fellowship

Mollie said...

Hey Carrie:

Also thought of you, checked out a map and had to search high and low for your blog address! I found it through Abby Clune's blog, lol. Anyway, we are praying and know God is faithful and will protect. Keep us posted!

PS How's the knitting situation going down there? With all those alpaca's there has to be yarn galore!

Mollie and the whole Covington clan

Anonymous said...

I, too, had to search high and low for your blog address. Glad you're okay. I've been thinking of you.

Te quiero mucho,