Monday, August 06, 2007

Inka Blitz

Here's something of note that I keep forgetting to write a blog entry about! At the end of June, the youth of the Mennonite churches had an event called Cafe Kairos. It was a coffeehouse type event with games and a talent showcase. I was originally supposed to go to Macchu Picchu that weekend but since things didn't work out I was around in order to join in the fun.

Part of the fun was decorating and getting ready for the night. Dawn had a great idea to make giant Dutch Blitz cards to play with. Well, it was a great idea but it turned into a very last minute project. Since I was around, I decided to help by designing a set of "Inka Blitz" cards. The cards were the size of an A4 sheet of paper and we printed and copied them so that there were 4 sets as in the normal blitz cards. Then we proceeded to tape each front and back to a peice of thin cardboard. The next step was painting each set in red, blue, yellow and green. The paper crinkled a bit but then our plan was to cover each card with contact paper to preserve them. It turned into a very time consuming project!!! Thankfully Dawn and I had Wendy and Uri over helping us but it really wasn't enough time. We headed off to the church to decorate and set up and continue to cover cards with contact paper.

In the end we only got three sets completely covered with contact paper. We played with them anyway and had tons of fun running around flipping cards and shouting "Blitz!!" The night turned out rather well with about 50 youth in attendance. I love how tables and candles really transformed the atmosphere in the sanctuary. We served popcorn, cake and coffee and despite the last minute card covering, the lack of gas for the stove and some concerns about coffee making, we had a wonderful evening!

Maybe we'll have to market our Inka Blitz cards. hee hee... I think we'd have to invest in a laminator.

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