Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Christmas Spirit Continues: Cookie Making

Another typical Christmas tradition is of course: COOKIE MAKING!

I wasn't about to let the altitude scare me away from one of my favorite pastimes of the holiday season. Here is the tale of how this pastry outpastried herself with too much cookie making!!!

Cookie Adventure #1
Cookie making and baking started out the second week of December and the last week of school. I had the brilliant idea to include cookie making in my kindergarten classes. I prepared sugar cookie dough which my kids rolled out, cut out with shapes and decorated. I think the kids enjoyed the cookie making - especially Alex who loved anything involving food. They did a pretty good job except when some decided to put the confetti sugar shaker in their mouth. doh! I took their decorated cookies home on sheets of wax paper marked with their names. I baked them one night at 10 o'clock while I desperately tried not to burn them. I didn't succeed very well with several and I had to make some extra cookies to give to those kids. oops! On the last day of school we had a Christmas party where the kids got their bags of cookies along with some candy thrown in (yeah I know it's not a good idea to give kids a sugar rush in your class but it was the LAST day of school!).

Cookie Adventure #2
I had originally been planning to have the PROMESA teachers over for a cookie baking party that next Saturday but we switched the date at the last minute. Unfortunately my friend Fabiola never got the news and showed up at my house thinking she was going to make cookies. Well, I did have left over dough from my kids so I had a spontaneous cookie making party with just Fabiola! We made sugar cookies and Bekah's Special (chocolate cookies with butterscotch chip - I call them that because my previous roommate Bekah always made them!). It was fun even though I wasn't planning on doing it!

Cookie Adventure #3
The rescheduled PROMESA Cookie Making Party took place the following week. Around a dozen people showed up to join in the baking madness! We made cookies from 2pm until 7pm and had seven different varieties including: decorated and frosted sugar cookies, russian tea cakes, marshmellow wreaths, cream cheese cookies with red and green candied cherries, ribbon cookies!! It was great fun and everyone went home with a plateful of very yummy cookies. I was very tired as you can imagine.

Cookie Adventure #4
This cookie adventure was not so glamorous as it was just me making more cookies to give away at Christmastime. It's amazing how quickly cookies disappear no matter how many you feel like you've made! This time I made a cookie called Hawaiian delight which was made with pineapple juice and had a frosting with pineapple and coconut. They were so yummy and I made tons. Unfortunately the ants had a fiesta with half of them one night because the top of the plastic container had cracks just big enough for ant entrance. Sigh!

So by the end of December I had quite OUTPASTRIED myself!!! I think I can wait another year for more cookie extravagance!!

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