Saturday, January 26, 2008

Casa Dulce

The Christmas season started out with a favorite yearly tradition for the Shekinah Dance Team: GINGERBREAD HOUSES!!

This year I decided to continue the construction of sweet abodes with the EMM missionary kids. It was a little challenging to try and find available candies like in the states. The basic building blocks of this type of gingerbread houses is graham crackers and egg white icing. Those ingredients were easy to make or find.

So Destiny, Hannah, Jeremiah, Bethany, Kiersten, Oriana, Dawn and I all met on the last Friday in November in order to begin construction. The girls started off right away with simple structures that they could decorate. Boy did they decorate!!! They thought that they had to incorporate every different type of candy available. Destiny wins the prize for the most excessive roof and yard decoration. I thought that her roof would fall in because of the sheer amount of candy piled on top. Kiersten and Jeremiah tried a more complicated structure but Jeremiah had a bit of a hard time until his dad helped him out. His house looked more like a tabernacle in the end! Kiersten was creative and even created a wagon out of pretzels and marshmallows. My house was the most complicated structure with the least amount of decoration. I have had some experience with this of course.

Kiersten and I constructing our houses!

Oriana puts the final decorating touches on her house.

The night was a very fun way to start the Christmas season. I took my gingerbread house home without eating it and it became the first Christmas decoration in my apartment. It sat on my coffee table for the whole moth of December and created a lot of conversation for Peruvians who had never seen such a thing! Thankfully no one tried to eat it besides one very tired architect who figured the porch could do without out its posts.

Hannah can't wait to snack on her house!

This was Destiny's house! She really wanted to decorate with every candy possible!

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