Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oh the Joy of Autumn!

Since I have so much extra time these days, I've had the chance to do lots of fun fall activities. It's an added blessing to be able to enjoy another autumn here in PA! I love fall!!!! Fall leaves fall!!! Dance and spin on your merry journey down to earth!!

Ahhhhh!! Who could resist going on a hay ride and searching for the perfect pumpkin?! My friends, Steve, Sunny and Serena live near Elizabethtown and one weekend we visited a pumpkin farm in order to do just that.

Here's the Lanford family on our hay ride

Here I am with my conquest: a pumpkin! I had to go on a pumpkin hunt because the weeds were so tall and it was hard to find pumpkins. ((Oh where oh where oh where is my pumpkin!))*

*Note: any time there is a ((something)) it indicates that whatever is inside should be sung.

My old Stillwaters' roomie, Mandy and I decided to go on a hiking adventure on Hawk Mountain. We went with Mandy's dad binoculars and created our own personalized hiking route from the available trails. The problem came when one part of our route took us on the "most difficult" blue trail. We picked up the blue trail off of the main outlook (where I saw an eagle!!) and we couldn't find it at first until I realized that it dropped right off the side of the lookout! Although this trail was supposed to be used by experienced hikers, Mandy and I forged ahead and literally climbed down the mountain over huge boulders. It was slow going and a little scary at times but we made it, crossed over to the red trail and went in search of the orange trail. We were walking along our merry way when I realized something was amiss: no red marks on the trees!! Somehow, thankfully we intercepted our trail somewhere and climbed, climbed, climbed up the mountain. Phew! We were out of breath... what a hike! I can tell you that my arms and legs were pretty sore that week.

How could I forget all my lovely fall walks? I've been taking long walks at Peace Valley Park and the Perkiomen Trail (my goal is to walk every part of this trail). It's a wonderful way to get in shape before I go, memorize verses and talk to God in the middle of beauteous scenery.

Here's some autumn snapshots!

Peace Valley Park

The Perkiomen Trail


Bekah said...

Oh, how nice to see PA in autumn! It's pretty here too, but just not as many colors. The pictures are gorgeous! Love you!

Tim Rice said...

Sounded like you had a number of neat and fun hikes. Nature is one of God's blessings that I appreciate greatly. :)