Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cracker the Tracker Blows a Gasket

Hallelujah, my car no longer sounds like a lawnmower! Thankfully, it was only a blown gasket that caused my car to sound like the exhaust system was gonna explode at any minute. Now I can again stealthfully glide through the streets of Souderton without letting the whole world know that I'm coming!

I'm going to have to say goodbye to my faithful Tracker as I head off to another country. My little car really has served me well for the past eight years. There have only been a few major problems along the way. Of course, the older it gets, the more strange things start happening. So, in honor of my Geo buddy, I've compiled a list of Cracker's Perks & Quirks

Here are Cracker the Tracker's Perks & Quirks:

Top Ten Perks:

1. It's a red convertible
2. You can ascend and descend from it instead of feeling like you are crawling into a hole.
3. It's spacious on the inside even though it looks compact on the outside
4. It has a new catalytic converter
5. The sound system/cd player still works
6. The windows are large -- you can see the world!
7. The horn sounds so cute!
8. It's got a fun "oh, snot!"bar on the passenger side for when you feel like off-roading it
9. The driver's side door will never fall off again
10. It's easy to parallel park and do 3 pt turns!

Top Ten Quirks:

1. It's a convertible so you can hear the sounds of the highway -- woosh
2. the back door has been permanently shut since 2003 and "the incident with the mice"
3. the gaskets have blown twice within the last 5000 miles
4. it's got a lot of the original wires and parts that aren't available except in junk yards
5. a cd player + a vehicle where you can feel the road = skips (just ask the Derstine bros.)
6. the drivers window sometimes has to be fidgeted with in order to get up or down
7. the horn works only sometimes (not at this moment but it may work tomorrow)
8. don't try to off-road it because the car is only 2 wheel drive and will get stuck!
9. the driver's side door is welded don't smash it in an accident
10. the check engine light likes to come on and off depending on your mileage


Bekah said...

Oh, I miss you! And I never thought I'd say it, but I miss Cracker! :) I never really got to say goodbye!

love you! Maybe I should visit Peru...

Zoegirl said...

I love your car... ALOT!

JK said...

Hey sis, I'm glad the Tracker has served you well. I hoped when I helped you buy it that it would. I laughed when I read #8 in the Top Ten Perks!