Sunday, October 21, 2007

Q is for Queen

Disclaimer: this post does not have any silly stories, intelligent words or spiritually uplifting content - just cute pictures

A couple of weeks ago we worked on the letter Q and one of our WORDS OF THE WEEK was QUEEN!! Here are some pictures of the kids from my 5 yr old class with the cute crowns they made. Thanks to Jenny V for sending this project in one of her graciously huge packages!

King Fabricio, Queen Canela and King Alex

Queen Acsa

King Carlos and King Edwin

Queen Alisson and Queen Ivanna


Mollie said...

Oh Carrie -- I don't know which pictures I liked more, the kids or the bagels!! I remember my mom making bagels too (just for the thrill) and the boiling thing is just odd.

Thanks for the updates. I hope you spent some of your weekend resting with knitting needles in your hands!!

Bethany said...

Oh my word,
I love the pics of the kids! Looks like you are having lots of fun as a kindergarten teacher. I can't wait to join you! :)