Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Package Ordeal

I got my first package here in Peru!! Yay! You would think that getting a package here would be a thrilling and exciting event. It is exciting but as I found out, it can also be quite an ordeal.

There are three types of packages that you can get here:

1. Small envelope packages that fit in the PO box
2. Bigger packages that are less than 1 kilo (2.2 pounds)
3. Packages that are over 2.2 pounds

The first is simple: you just get it out of your box. The second requires you to take a slip of paper to a window where they give you the package. The third is the tricky one. You also get a slip of paper in your box but you have to go to a different section of the post office that is only open certain hours.

My first package was over 8 pounds and thus found it's way into the third category! I never realized what a pain it would be to actually get the package. First of all, the certain hours happened to be during the week and during school hours. So, I tried to send my housekeeper with my ID and a letter giving her permission to pick up the package. She came back from the post office without the package because my letter had to be notarized! By this time it was Thursday afternoon and I had no time to find a notary before Friday. So, my package waited for me...

Thankfully, we had off on Monday so I thought I might be able to get my package out in the morning. I was told by others that the package room was open at 8:30am which was perfect because we had a missionary meeting at 9:00am with our administrator who was in town.. Unfortunately, when I got to the post office at 8:30, I discovered that the hours had changed from 9:00-12:30!!! Augh!!! So, since I was there I decided to wait... Unfortunately the room didn't open at 9am either! A woman came and got our papers and lined them up and we were told to wait for some "señor" who was coming. So, I waited impatiently and talked to my roommate on my cell about whether it was worth it to wait or just leave the center for our team meeting. I asked the woman if it would be less than 15 minutes. She said: "yes, yes the señor is coming!" Okay, so I impatiently waited over 15 minutes. In the end I knew that I couldn't wait any longer and that I needed to get my paper back and somehow try to send Marga again with a notarized letter. But when I went to ask the woman for my paper she said that I was next!! PHEW!!! So, I got my package. I had to pay a little for it being there since the 20th (I really don't think that they put my paper in our PO box that quick but it was only about one dollar and I was just soooooo glad to finally get my package).

Are you dying of curiosity to know what was in my 8 pound box?? Was it worth the ordeal?? YES! After all that trauma, my package was a very exciting box full of yarn, needles and knitting things. It came from PA from Suzanne who taught me how to knit. I foresee many exciting knitting projects in the future! The missionaries were laughing at me because of the contents of my package. We had been going through our personality profiles and most everyone is (in Myers Brigg) an SJ (sensing/judging). There are only two of us who are different and I'm totally different with my INFP profile. We were joking about my package fitting my personality. I guess they don't think that yarn is a normal package material. hee hee...

Here are pics of the famed package. Maybe I should check into DHL. I'm looking forward with excitment and trepidation to whenever my next package comes..... aughhhhhh.....

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