Friday, May 18, 2007

¡Feliz Dia Mami!

Mother's Day is a big deal here!

It's so big in fact that our school decided to do a special "Mother's Day Program" last Friday. This program had each class preparing weeks ahead for a special number. The four yr. olds did a "dance" to a song that we all got to know sooooo well. I did actually get put in charge of coming up with something but I did help with the 5 yr old class. They sang "Mothers, We Love You" (to the tune of "Yes, Jesus Loves Me"). I got to help teach them and to sing the verse. The night before our performance, Miss Wendy decided to add another element to the number by making 13 present costumes complete with head and arm holes.

Besides the numbers by the classes, there was a special introduction, a talk by a dad and a song by the teachers (we sang a hymn in 4 prt harmony English). At the end of the program the students gave their moms special presents that they had made and then we passed out cake to everyone! Phew, there was a lot of preparation that went into the program but thankfully it went pretty well. The day of the program was craziness trying to get the kids ready and the program actually started a half-hour late because of the tardiness of many parents!

Whew! I'm glad it's over.. thankfully we only have 3 big programs throughout the year! Our next program is in July for Peruvian Independence day and the last is in December for Christmas. pheww.....

Enjoy the pictures!
The 5 yr old production (I'm singing in the background)
Carlos Daniel, you make a great present
First Grade waits in the "wings" for their turn.
Second Grade presented a song and drama about the 99 sheep and the one that ran away.
The second grade kids also shared sweet words for each of their moms.
This is my buddy Reynaldo (4 yr old class) who somehow had to sit through all the numbers. Pobrecito!
The third grad class presented a sock hop dance to Petra's song "Friends" (in Spanish).
The two boys in the 3rd grade had their own special roles in the dance!
The 1-3 grades also sang a song in Spanish and English for their moms.

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