Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Great Welcome in Cusco

I´m finally in Cusco! My flight from Lima got into Cusco yesterday at 10:30am and the Kreiders and I were met at the airport by a welcoming committee carrying balloons, flowers, and a welcome sign! The welcoming committee was Marga (my housekeeper), her daughters and two of the Kreider kids. We took a taxi to my house and even more people showed up to welcome me! (Wendi, a teacher at the school and the pastor & his wife) Marga who was very glad that I was finally here welcome me with te de mate (for altitude they say) and some Sopa de Bienvenidos (which is a chicken soup on top of which you pile french fries).

I like my house in Cusco very much. It´s so quiet in comparison with the noise of Lima. I´ve been unpacking and today I´ll explore the city a little with Marga and start to get used to my surroundings. Last night I met the other missionary family (the Schultz family) and we had dinner together. It was so sweet because the older Kreider and Schultz girls had prepared a dance for me. My housemate, Dawn is supposed to come back from her vacations tomorrow. I feel very welcomed here in Cusco and I look forward to seeing all that God has in store.

My Room

The Kitchen

The Living Room

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Renee said...

Yea! You're finally there!! Your apartment looks great. How's Spanish going?

Love, Renee