Sunday, February 25, 2007

Calm Before the Storm

On Thursday the EMM missionary team took a day trip to Pisac which is a town about an hour from Cusco which is in what they call the Sacred Valley. We wanted to take a fun day before the summer was over and school started. For the Shultz family it was a very needed day away because they have been teaching an English summer school. Dawn and I traveled by bus (we got seats in the very front for the amazing view of the trip over and through the high green hills). The two families came in the Kreiders truck.

Once we got there, the kids went hiking to some ruins and the ladies wandered around the market. I'm not very good with haggling over prices yet and even though I wanted to buy a rug for my room, I didn't get one. The rest of the day we all hung out at on the grounds of the Royal Inka Hotel. There were picnic grounds, tennis courts, a pool, boats & bikes for rent and etc. It was a fun place for everyone whether you wanted to nap on the lawn in the sun, collect toads in a coke bottle, read a book or paddleboat in a small pond. One special treat for the ladies was a hot tub and sauna in the hotel. It was probably especially a treat for the missionary moms to get a chance to relax while their kids were busy.

Before packing ourselves ALL in the Kreiders' truck, we stopped and got cheesecake from a restaurant owned by a German woman who came as a tourist years ago. It wasn't the best but since cheesecake is rare in Peru, I decided to enjoy it with the rest of them. As we drove home we sang worship songs together. It's so great to hear the kids singing with all their hearts! I think that was my favorite moment of the day!

What spoiled missionaries, right?! Yeah, but I think everyone needed that paseo (break). After all school stuff starts for 3 of us next week and no one will have time for anymore weekday trips!

Snaps from the bus ride to Pisac

Happy Clueless Guinea Pigs

These guinea pigs had a lovely home at this restaurant in the market and they were happily munching their alfalfa in peace. Little did they know what danger awaited them on the other side of their warm wall.... dumm...dumm...dummm....
AN OVEN!!! augh! New movie idea: Guinea Pig Run

Ron really needed a break!!

Cindy, Regina & Dawn relax on the lawn.

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