Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Who would have thought that dipping things on the end of sticks into hot pots of liquid could be so fun??!

Last week, I was finally able to go to the fondue restaurant in our area. It was a birthday celebration and really all that I wanted to do for my birthday. About five of my friends and I feasted on bread and veggies dipped in melted cheese, nibbled on salad, consumed various meats and veggies that we cooked in steaming broth and then finished it all off with a delectable array of things we dipped in white and dark chocolate..... like fruit and cake and brownies and and and...

we were stuffed!

It was a weird birthday this year. I think that I liked turning 31 less than the big 3-0. Thirty at least is somewhat glamorous because people give you big parties and make a fuss over it. But 31 just feel older and much less glamorous. I guess it's all a matter of perspective really. Realizing that every year is worth celebrating...not fearing age but relishing all that God has done and expectantly looking forward to all that is ahead.

So, thanks God for another birthday. And thanks for fondue and friends which made my birthday feel special.

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Bekah said...

Nice shirt in that top picture...