Sunday, February 24, 2008

Green Gables Meets Dulce Refugio

It all started because Dulce Refugio houses the only VCR in the Mennonite missionary community. Destiny and Hannah (two of the teenage missionary daughters) really wanted to watch the Anne of Green Gables videos that they had inherited from the previous inhabitants of our house. So I said: "let's have a sleepover and watch them!" Then Carletta (our Wycliffe missionary friend from up the hill) wanted to see them too. Then Hannah and Destiny's younger sisters wanted to be a part and so did Hannah's mom (Regina), our neighbor Jen and her two little girls. Before we knew it a simple using of the VCR turned into an all out:


So, what does one do at such a party? Well, obviously you watch Anne of Green Gables! We decided to stylize our party with various foods that Anne would have eaten. Regina made a delicious plum pudding and caramel sauce (without any dead mice) and a raspberry tart. Dulce Refugio provided chocolate chip cookies shaped like teapots and raspberry cordial (the non-alcoholic kind). Well, I didn't have any raspberries but I did have a Lady Hannah berry tea (thank you Cheryl and the Spice Smuggler) that made a very yummy cold drink that was very berry-like. We also ate rice crispie treats, popcorn balls, oatmeal cookies, small chicken salad sandwiches and regular popcorn. Tea was available for anyone interested. I brought down all my hats and we all got to wear them during our fun movie watching experience.

After the first video, the younger girls and moms all left and the rest of us watched the other video. Anne of Green Gables truly is a wonderful classic and it's lovely to watch it anytime. Our party (however) really made movie watching a super special and important occasion.

We have two more videos to watch. I guess the question then should be: When is our Anne of Avonlea Party???


Renee said...

Yea for Green Gables!! Can I come to your Avonlea party?

After this, you will have to start on all the Jane Austen films. Did you know that Northanger Abbey just came out on DVD? It's very good-- Susanne and I watched it the other night.

Love you!

Cake said...

Sure you can come!! I didn't know that Northanger Abbey was out on DVD. How wonderful that there is another Jane Austen film out!! I can't wait to see but the Lord only knows when _that_ will be...

Bekah said...

I'm in, too! Me too!

Bekah said...

I'm in, too! Me too!