Saturday, March 17, 2007

Glad to Be Alive

Today Dawn and I went up to the center to look for material to recover our living room furniture. It's been an interesting 80s looking blue patterned material for a while. Since we are going to paint our apartment, we thought we might as well revamp the living room in general. We roamed the streets looking for fabric. Cusco center really is an interesting place to people watch. You'll find dredlocked hippies, the typical touristy looking person, colorfully costumed Andean peoples and then all the "regular" folk of Cusco. It really is a great mezcla (mix) of people...the poorest, the richest and the inbetween all congregating in the great plazas and stone paved streets.

We took a bus for the trip back and the driver was a little scary. He was driving quickly around corners and passing cars here and there. augh! Then he nearly hit a small taxi that was turning left. A guy had gotten on to play his pipes and shells for money was standing in the bus and when the bus driver slammed on the brakes the pipe playing man came flying towards the front of the bus. He ran into my leg and I'm sure I now have a huge bruise there. I don't think the poor piper guy made any money on that trip. Dawn and I were so glad to get off that bus alive! phew...

So besides being alive, I'm currently a little sick. I've managed to avoid my roommate's two week long cold until now. It perhaps was not her fault because several kids had the sniffles this week too. I'm just glad that I have a weekend to recover. I have my vitamin C, honey & lemon tea and PH in hand. PH stands for Papel Higenico (in the States: TP). Forget Luv extra soft 2-ply! PH is a very useful thing to have around when your nose is constantly dripping. I'm always taking it with me too in case I find myself in a paperless bathroom (a very possible reality here in Peru). Besides being useful for drippy noses and bathroom trips, it's also good for wiping kids mouths, napkins and (oh yes) decorating for weddings.

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