Monday, January 08, 2007

When Harry Met Carrie

Today, I met the sweetest boy who loves Jesus and wanted to marry me.

There's one problem with this situation: This boy, Harry is 5!

I knew that all the nice young available men were starting to be too young for me but this is going a bit too far. Harry is a bright young lad who loves to sing songs about Jesus. Of course he makes up his own tune even if the lyrics are borrowed from someplace else (like his own version of "Jesus Loves Me"). Harry wants to be a policeman/preacher/stone carver/etc. etc. when he grows up. It almost sounded like he said that he wanted to be a cobbler but when I asked him if he knew what a cobbler was he said: "yes, a cobbler is someone who cuts corn." Okay, I get it, corn cobs...cobbler! :0)

One of my first conversations with him at the dinner table was when he whispered to me that the meatloaf was poisoned. I don't think that his mom appreciated that too much but I was pretty convinced that I wasn't going to drop dead! We also had a conversation about how Jesus could grow back any body part that fell off or was cut off. Harry looked at me and said: "If your head was cut off, Jesus could give you a new one!"

Anyway, Harry told me that he loved me and that I should marry him. When his sister protested that I was too old for him, he said that we could wait until he was a teenager! Then, as I was leaving his house he reminded me that I needed to tell my boyfriend (his sister had the idea that I must have a boyfriend!) that I didn't love him and then I needed to marry Harry instead. After we (his mom, sister and I) continued to protest, he shouted:

"I'm actually ten!"


Zoegirl said...

so, somehow I missed this little entry... I think it's great!!!! hehehe! ;-)

Lina said...

is this true? it's so stinkin cute!! i love you carrie-warrie

Suzanne said...

Hi Carrie!
Harry is still talking about you! When I explained that you were leaving soon to go to Peru he said "that's ok, I'll see her when she gets back"